Workshop: How To Grow Brands With Your Big Brain Not Budget

Keynote speaker and comedy marketing consultant Jon Burkhart brings his Content Curiosity content session to Bucharest having worked tirelessly to adapt everything to the average attendee’s 7-second attention span and irresistibly cynical nature. It’s content strategy and content creation on a shoe-string — all at the speed of a teen’s manic messaging thumbs.
And don’t worry. The competition bit’s just there to help you learn quicker and retain more of the inspiring and practical goodness. With sleight of hand (and a bit of LEGO Serious Play thrown in), Jon will Jedi-mind trick your brain into retaining all tips, tricks and hacks that will magic your customers into crazy-loyal fans.
This workshop is for those marketers who agree that the final score must be: Stacks of Clever, 1 and Stacks of Cash, 0.


How QUIET brands are the ones that win the batle for eye-balls. NOTE: QUIET Brands employ equal amounts of Questions, Imagination, Empathy and Testing to their content strategy.
How Jon’s BALLSY content framework is perfect for clever content promotion and repurposing.
Survive it all and tomorrow, you’ll get your Triple S on by:
– Improving your Storytelling skills will have improved.
– Finding new ways to Surprise your customers
– Picking up Speed so you’re not out-paced by the cool start-up kids.

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