Workshop: How to Develop a Valuable Content Marketing Strategy that Leads to Sales and Growth

High quality content is key to successful marketing today, but if you want to make content marketing work you need a game plan. Kick off content marketing without a clear strategy and you’ll find that content creation is a piecemeal and ultimately unrewarding affair – both in terms of your time and in the leads it generates. It’s a tough game if you get it wrong!In this practical, hands on workshop you’ll learn what it takes to create an effective, hard working content marketing strategy for your business: a process and a plan to get you sales results using the content on your website and beyond. Workshop leader Sonja Jefferson will help you assess how valuable your content is now, and clarify the steps you need to take to create strategy that works. You’ll learn a three step implementation process, and leave with a workbook and action plan for your content marketing to guide your efforts going forward.



● The new rules of marketing and the vital role of content. How ‘buyer’ behaviour has changed and what
your customers want from your marketing and digital activity.
● The guiding principles behind effective content marketing, and the strategic benefits an effective
presence will bring.
● What does good content marketing look like? Looking at stories from businesses large and small around
the world you’ll learn the elements it takes for success.
● How all the elements of the content marketing universe work together. Website, blogging, social media,
UX, SEO, email marketing, advertising, online PR – using a simple framework, you’ll learn how all the
elements work together in a strategic, joined up marketing plan.
● How valuable your content is now. Using Sonja’s assessment tool, find out what’s working for your
business now and where the gaps are.
● What steps to take to professionalise your content marketing. Practical steps to transform your content,
from strategy through to implementation.
● Where to start. Understanding your key audience groups and creating valuable persona profiles – a key
part of your content strategy.
● What to say on your website. What content you need on your website to make it work as an effective
marketing, sales and service platform for your business.
● Action plan from here. You’ll create an individual action plan for your team.

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