About masterclass

So you have a blog, an Instagram feed, a YouTube channel; your e-newsletter is ready to go. But what exactly do you talk about? What type of content will your customers truly value and what information should you share?
Creating content is a lot easier if you’re clear what it is you want to say. Without a really secure understanding of what you want to be known for it’s impossible to get the business results you crave so let’s give this some careful strategic thought.

About our guest

Sonja is a leader in the content marketing world. She’s the co-author of the award-winning Valuable Content Marketing book and passionate content evangelist, using research and collaboration to help people create valuable, content-led experiences that transform businesses and make a real difference to customers’ lives. Sonja Jefferson has spent the last 20 years helping companies create and deliver valuable content. She will uncover the secrets behind content that resonates, and give you ideas to improve the value of the content you share. You’ll hear examples of businesses in Romania and beyond who are successfully navigating the shifting sands of the marketing world.

You will learn:

In this practical workshop, Sonja Jefferson will help you pinpoint your content sweet spot to power up your marketing efforts and bring you better results. You’ll come away with a clearer idea of what to talk about in your content, a research strategy you can apply to go deeper into what your ideal customers want, a written content sweet spot statement to guide your content efforts going forward, plus tons of inspiration from other businesses and a renewed enthusiasm for content marketing as a driver of business success.

Prepare yourself for some soul searching and creative thinking. Whether you’re new to content marketing, or a seasoned professional looking to improve the value of your content efforts, this workshop will help you to position your content strategy for success.