About masterclass

Keynote speaker and marketing firecracker Jon Burkhart’s back and super-ready to get down and dirty bringing the most important rules of brand storytelling to life.
As your content circus ringmaster, Jon will help you create a brand story that POPS like a firecracker. Translation: you’ll learn to inject varying amounts of Provocation, Originality, Playfulness & Surprise into your stories. When you adopt the POPS framework, your content will start with a provocative question – one that digs deep to uncover the root problem for your audience. Ground this in truth and you’ll come up with an original solution that’s deeply human.

This masterclass will feature case studies from all around the world with insights applicable to

About our guest

Jon Burkhart is an award-winning keynote speaker, content strategist and copywriter.
He’s best known for co-authoring Newsjacking: The Urgent Genius of Real-time Advertising. As your friendly neighbourhood “Real-Time Guy,” Jon makes you more memorable in the moment.
Put simply, he helps brands stand out and have more fun.
He’s also founder of marketing consultancy TBC Global. Employing a refreshingly different approach to inspiring clients, Jon invents interactive games to enhance and refine the content making process. Jon speaks regularly at South By Southwest Interactive (SXSW) and serves on their programming committee. As a workshop leader and emcee, he brings the noise & know-how to conferences like Cannes Lions. His work’s appeared in Rolling Stone, Fast Company and The Guardian.

You will learn:

● How and why answering your customers rational and emotional questions will build trust
● How to spot & increase elements of provocation, originality, playfulness and surprise every step along the customer journey
● The different types of curiosity and which ones you should use and when to get and keep attention
● The 4 critical skills needed on your team to create firecracker content on a regular basis
● Introduction to Firecracker Framework To Telling Better Brand Stories
● The 3 Keys To Your Brand Being More Memorable In The Moment
● The 5 things that story pros like Netflix, Pixar and Disney inject into their stories
● How QUIET brands are the ones that win the battle for attention
NOTE: QUIET Brands employ equal amounts of Questions, Imagination, Empathy and Testing to their content strategy.