WeContent este cea mai importantă conferință de content marketing din România, unde cunoști specialiști de top din domeniu și afli cum să ai o strategie de conținut de succes. La finalul unei zile întregi de sesiuni relevante și networking cu speakeri consacrați din Romania şi UK vei putea pune în aplicare sfaturi concrete și lecții valoroase pentru a-ți eficientiza eforturile de marketing și vânzări.

Conferinţa este urmată de o nouă zi cu workshop-uri susţinute de doi traineri britanici cu know-how excepţional.



Cui se adresează

Reunim oameni care împărtășesc aceeași viziune asupra viitorului în marketing și construim în jurul WeContent o comunitate de creatori, specialiști și susținători ai conținutului de calitate.

Specialiști marketing, comunicare și PR

Copywriters și content writers

Vloggeri, bloggeri și influenceri

Specialiști SEO



Doi traineri britanici de renume vin pentru prima dată în România şi îţi oferă două super workshop-uri care te pot ajuta să îți propulsezi rezultatele la un nou nivel.

How To Grow Brands With Your Big Brain Not Budget

2 noiembrie

Keynote speaker and comedy marketing consultant Jon Burkhart brings his Content Curiosity content session to Bucharest having worked tirelessly to adapt everything to the average attendee’s 7-second attention span and irresistibly cynical nature. It’s content strategy and content creation on a shoe-string — all at the speed of a teen’s manic messaging thumbs. And don’t worry. The competition bit’s just there to help you learn quicker and retain more of the inspiring and practical goodness. With sleight of hand, Jon will Jedi-mind trick your brain into retaining all tips, tricks and hacks that will magic your customers into crazy-loyal fans.

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How to Develop a Valuable Content Marketing Strategy that Leads to Sales and Growth

2 noiembrie

High quality content is key to successful marketing today, but if you want to make content marketing work you need a game plan. Kick off content marketing without a clear strategy and you’ll find that content creation is a piecemeal and ultimately unrewarding affair – both in terms of your time and in the leads it generates. It’s a tough game if you get it wrong! In this practical, hands on workshop you’ll learn what it takes to create an effective, hard working content marketing strategy for your business: a process and a plan to get you sales results using the content on your website and beyond.

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  • Conferință

    1 Noiembrie

  • Workshop: Jon Burkhart

    2 Noiembrie

  • Workshop: Sonja Jefferson

    2 Noiembrie

  • Content is the beating heart of of your digital strategy, but how do you create the type of content that matters to grow the business that you love? The words on your website; the information you share in your blogs, via social media and email: all are key to sales, customer service and business growth these days. But in a crowded digital world, how do you differentiate and get your content just right? How do you make content marketing work for you? This exciting visual presentation from Sonja Jefferson, author of the award winning Valuable Content Marketing book , will help you get your thinking clear so you’re inspired and confident to create better content. Whether you’re a business owner or a marketer, Sonja will give you a clear visual map to guide your content efforts so you get the sales results you need.

  • Video has fast become the most powerful tool that marketers have to drive brand growth. But with so much content out there how can you stand out in the crowd? In this interactive talk, one of Europe’s leading video marketing experts, Jon Mowat will demonstrate how to harness the power of emotional video to increase engagement and customer retention. Discover why video works so effectively as part of your content marketing strategy, and how to tap into your audience’s emotions to meet your objectives. Join this session, packed practical tips and insights from top brands, and get the tools you need to improve ROI and develop your own engaging video strategy. What are the key takeaways? • Understand why emotional video is the king of content • Learn how to reach, engage and retain your audience with video • Discover how to create the right content that cuts through and gets results

  • To paraphrase author Ian Leslie, if you let your curiosity roam free, you’ll break all the rules by asking questions no one’s thought to ask. Newsflash: Most brands don’t make these dangerous inquiries. Let’s change this. Keynote speaker Jon Burkhart will help you act on your curious urges to create content that’s Provocative, Original, Playful & Surprising. Warning: This is content that POPS like a firecracker. Ultimately, this type of content helps you better connect with the changing needs of your audience. If you adopt the POPS framework, it could even be the most memorable moment of their day, week or year. In this insightful audiovisual show, Jon shows you how brands are creating these firecracker moments. Part stand-up comedy, part investigative report — expect interactive, rapid-fire storytelling with one aim: helping you find new ways to create these memorable peak and end moments yourself. Jon will end his performance by showing how WeContent has created some firecracker content of its own. He will close the conference with a summary of all the highlights from both speakers and attendees. Just grab a beer and play along, as the ending is a cross between a game show and a drinking game. Whatever happens, WeContent will end with a bang.

  • How QUIET brands are the ones that win the batle for eye-balls. NOTE: QUIET Brands employ equal amounts of Questions, Imagination, Empathy and Testing to their content strategy. How Jon’s BALLSY content framework is perfect for clever content promotion and repurposing.

    • Questions: Interrogating Your Story To Make Your Brand Indispensable
    • Speed + Story + Surprise Exercise
    • Imagination + Epathy: Turning Your Ideal Customer Into Your Number One Fan

    • Testing: LEGO Prototyping + The BALLSY Content Checklist
    • Testing: Repurposing + Promotion/Distribution
    • Final presentations, high fives and thank you’s.

    • The new rules of marketing and the vital role of content. How ‘buyer’ behaviour has changed and what your customers want from your marketing and digital activity.
    • The guiding principles behind effective content marketing, and the strategic benefits an effective presence will bring.

    • What does good content marketing look like? Looking at stories from businesses large and small around the world you’ll learn the elements it takes for success.
    • How all the elements of the content marketing universe work together. Website, blogging, social media, UX, SEO, email marketing, advertising, online PR - using a simple framework, you’ll learn how all the elements work together in a strategic, joined up marketing plan.

  • How valuable your content is now. Using Sonja’s assessment tool, find out what’s working for your business now and where the gaps are.
    • What steps to take to professionalise your content marketing. Practical steps to transform your content, from strategy through to implementation.
    • Where to start. Understanding your key audience groups and creating valuable persona profiles - a key part of your content strategy.
    • What to say on your website. What content you need on your website to make it work as an effective marketing, sales and service platform for your business.
    • Action plan from here. You’ll create an individual action plan for your team.


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