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Jay Baer



World’s most inspirational marketing keynote speaker!
New York Times best-selling author of six books.
His Convince & Convert Media division owns the world’s #1 content
marketing blog & the world’s top marketing podcast.

Speech: How differentiated content turns customers into volunteer marketers

Jon Wuebben

CEO @ ContentLaunch | Author I Marketing Keynote Speaker


Jon is the author of the “Future Marketing: Winning in the Prosumer Age” and “Content is Currency: Developing Powerful Content for Web & Mobile”, published in six countries.

Jon Wuebben is the Founder & CEO of Content Launch, the first complete content marketing platform built for digital marketing agencies & SMB’s. Content Launch has produced content for over 700 companies since 2003.

Speech:The future of content marketing. Staying ahead of the game

Marcus Tober

Founder @ Searchmetrics


He was named “European Search Personality of the Year” at the European Search Awards 2016.
Well known in the SEO industry as an innovative thinker, he founded his first SEO company, which became Searchmetrics in 2007, and rapidly evolved the company to become a market leader in search and content analytics software.

Speech: Get rid of old SEO habits and embrace the future.

Sonja Jefferson

Author, Content Strategist,Keynote Speaker


Sonja is a leader in the content marketing world.
She’s the co-author of the award-winning Valuable Content Marketing book. Sonja Jefferson has spent the last 20 years helping companies create and deliver content valuable.

Speech: How to create content that makes your customers act

Jon Burkhart

Author, Content Strategist, Keynote Speaker


Award-winning keynote speaker and content strategist
He’s best known for co-authoring Newsjacking: The Urgent
Genius of Real-time book.
Jon speaks regularly at the world’s largest marketing & innovation
conferences. The founder of the marketing consultancy TBC Global.

Speech: Closing keynote

Vali Pintilescu

Development Manager LooLoo Kids


LooLoo Kids is the biggest YouTube Channel from CEE,
with more than 16 Millions subscribers and one of the top ten Worldwide YouTube channels for toddlers.
Vali has 17 years of marketing experience, from market research and product design and deployment, to positioning strategies and pricing policies.

Speech: Don’t create content, create a community


We build around WeContent a community of creators, specialists and supporters of quality content.

Marketing, communication and PR specialists

Copywriters and content writers

Vloggers, bloggers and influencers

SEO specialists


DAY 1: Conference

  • Conference

    7 November

  • The world of business is changing fast, with more and more and more content, dwindling returns from advertising, a backlash against the tactics of the big social platforms, and an increasing desire for shared values and meaning in the companies we choose to buy from. Against this backdrop, every business needs to think very carefully about the type of content it puts out and the way that is delivered. So how do you create and share the type of content that your type of customers truly value? What exactly is valuable content, for them and for you? The best content is both strategic and people-centred. You'll learn about the very human content strategies that work best today to drive sales and growth, with plenty of lessons to apply to your content when you get back to your desk.

  • The future: It is ours to create. We can build it in whatever way we want to. As you peer into the coming years and see the opportunities, the truth is clear: there has never been a better time to be a content marketer. The next five years will unleash unprecedented improvements in social connection, efficiency and quality of life, for everyone, the world over. Well-known content marketing industry leader, Jon Wuebben, draws on the latest research, data and prediction.

  • The true challenge of SEOs is not to repeat the same things again and again like 10 years ago. The challenge is to understand the user and its demand. Unique content written by experts, great user experience, fast websites and a user friendly business model are all factors that make the user stickier/happier and that Google already bakes into its algorithm. So every SEO must be a mini-CEO as he need to make decisions that normally CEOs do. But still there are too many SEOs that stick in the old behavior to just change the content a bit or try to optimize just the technical part of a website. SEOs need to grow and think holistically about the product and the user. In this session you will learn examples of great and successful websites and learn how to adopt this for your own business.

  • "He will close the conference with a summary of all the highlights from both speakers and attendees. Just grab a beer and play along, as the ending is a cross between a game show and a drinking game. Whatever happens, WeContent will end with a bang."

DAY 2: Masterclasses

They take place simultaneously, so choose wisely!


The future of content marketing.
Staying ahead of the game.

November 8

09:00 – 15:00



Power up your content efforts
to generate better results

November 8

09:00 – 15:00



Firecracker Storytelling: Creating Widly
Loyal Fans With Brave, Ballsy Content

November 8

09:00 – 15:00



November 7
Coffee breaks
*Post-event content

Early bird until

22 October

170 euro + VAT

200 euro + VAT

November 8
One masterclass
Coffee breaks
*Post-event content

Early bird until

22 October

220 euro + VAT

250 euro + VAT

November 7-8
One masterclass
Coffee breaks
Lunch (Day 2)
*Post-event content

Early bird until

22 October

350 euro + VAT

400 euro + VAT

*Speakers presentations & summary of the hottest ideas from the conference and masterclass

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